February 24-25, 2018


Another absolutely FABULOUS weekend in Chesapeake, VA! We had beautiful weather, especially for February! The rain held off and we had sunshine and a little wind. We continue to get new-to NADAC exhibitors AND Brand New to Agility Exhibitors! Thank you for joining us for your debuts! We have such an awesome group of exhibitors that continue to support us. Thank You for working so hard, we couldn’t do it without everyone helping. Thank You! Thanks Rita and Kim for providing us with a great place to trial. Thanks to everyone for all the food on Saturday and Sunday. It was supposed to be Yappy Lunch but all through both days, food just kept showing up! Thanks a million to our brand new judge Karen Hough for providing a warm and welcoming smile, making everyone feel comfortable, and lots of laughs. Many Thanks for supporting the 50/50 Raffle to raise money for bullet proof vests for the police dogs!


Congrats to all the victories this weekend:

Bree stayed with Emma during Hoopers!

Zeus got that elusive Novice Weavers earning his Title and Novice Versatility!

Snickers earned his Novice Regular Title and Novice Jumpers Title

PDQ “Q”d and didn’t run out of the ring all day!!!!

Luke earned his Open Hoopers Title

Bree: First NADAC Q!

ZephR and Tamara: NADAC Debut and First “Q” and Perfect Day! WOW!!!!

Karma: 2,500 Lifetime Points

Keaton: Elite Chances Title

River: Elite Tunnelers Title at 6.72yps!!! :-o

River: Novice Superior Barrelers

River: and most amazingly, she WEAVED in PUBLIC!!!! :-O

Chelsea: Perfect Weekend

Zeus: Happy 9th Birthday!

Chelsea: All Around NATCH 10


We are so happy to see the “First Q” ribbons being enjoyed. Congratulations Everyone!


Thank You Everyone for your support! See you in April!


November 3-5, 2017


Thanks for spending your Weekend with us! Our aussome judge Bernie Doyle brought some really fun courses. Our chief course builder Karen Hough did a fabulous job making sure the courses “flowed” nicely. The weather was absolutely Great for being outside in November. Once again we had new exhibitors – so Exciting!!


Congrats to all the victories this weekend:

Obi: First Ever PERFECT Day with 5 of 5 Qs!!!!!!! :-)

Obi: Open Weavers Title, Awesome Contacts!!

Roy: Superior Elite Tunnelers

Jet: First Open Q in Anything! (Tunnelers)

Finn and Anna: First time running together AND got 2 Qs!

Diego: 2 of 4 Qs!

Luke: Open Tunnelers Title

Piper: Versatility NATCH 8

Ozzy: Novice Touch N Go Title, Elite Tunnelers Title, Open Outstanding Weavers Title

Snickers: First Barrelers Q!

Bosch: Novice Superior Hoopers, Novice Superior Barrelers, First extra 5 points in Hoopers x2!!!!

Winston: First EVER Elite Q (Regular Round 2)

Lily: First Novice Regular Q

Chelsea: NATCH 33

Angel: First Elite Chances Q

Charlie: Novice Versatility

Finn: Great run in Intro Jumpers and did not go off the course and stayed focused the whole run!!! AND got a Q in Jumpers as well!!!!

Bosch: Novice Versatility

Lily: Finally earned Jumpers Title

Ozzy: Novice Versatility


Several “First Q” ribbons were handed out as well!!! Congratulations Everyone!


Thank You for your support! Come back and play again February 24-25, 2018!

April 14-16, 2017


Thanks for spending your Easter Weekend with us. We had great weather, awesome judges, great exhibitors, and tons of Fun!  Congrats to all the victories this weekend:

Piper: Versatility NATCH 6

Angel: Novice Triple Superior

Finn: Elite Tunnelers Title, Novice Weavers Title and did not spin in front of weaves! Open Hoopers Title. AND QUALIFIED for CHAMPS!!!!

Zeus: won the Easter Basket

Breeze: NATCH 17

Clyde: RAN a Whole Course!

Journey: Intro Tunnelers Title

Becky Learned to run ahead of Cooper!

Piper 10,000 Points

Keaton: Novice Touch N Go Superior, Open Jumpers Title, FINALLY Novice Weavers Superior!

Nina: First Q in Chances and Open Regular

Ollie: Open Jumpers Title

Darby: Novice Versatility, Novice Hoopers Title

Luke: Novice Touch N Go Title

Finn: Novice Versatility


We are so happy to see the “First Q” ribbons being enjoyed. Congratulations Everyone!


Thank You Everyone for your support!

February 25-26, 2017

FABULOUS weekend! We had beautiful weather, especially for February. Saturday was a bit warm, but the wind picked up and made it not too bad for the pups. Saturday evening we were threatened with storms, but were lucky and it didn’t come this far south. Sunday was cooler and perfect for the pups and they certainly showed it! We continue to get new-to NADAC exhibitors AND Brand New to Agility Exhibitors! Thank you for joining us for your debuts! We have such an awesome group of exhibitors that continue to support us. Thank You! Thanks Rita and Kim for providing us with a great place to trial. Thanks Dan for all you do, behind the scenes, during the trial, and including trash removal. :-) Thanks to everyone for all the food on Saturday and Sunday. It was supposed to be Yappy Lunch but all through both days, food just kept showing up! Thanks a million to our judge Bernie Doyle for, once again, providing a warm and welcoming smile, making everyone feel comfortable, and lots and lots of laughs.


Congrats to all the victories this weekend:

Two: Intro X-Hoopers title, Intro Weavers Title, 4 for 4

Chelsea (& Chris): All Around NATCH 3

Zeus: Happy 8th Birthday!

Anna and Diego “First Q”!

Navi: No Cones! And first Jumpers Q

Keaton: Novice Superior Jumpers

Winston: did EXACTLY what Laura Ann asked

Dillon: Great Debut and First Q (never done agility before!)

Boogie: Awesome Jumpers and Novice X-HP Title

Cooper: Great Debut and First Q (never done agility before!)

ALL My Students Q’d! Go Family Dog Club!!!!

Lela Dax: Versatility NATCH 2 and NATCH 4

Zia: 3 for 3

Finn: Awesome Lead Outs all weekend, Novice X-Hoopers Title, Novice Regular Title

We are so happy to see the “First Q” ribbons being enjoyed. Congratulations Everyone!


Thank You Everyone for your support! See you in April!


November 4-6, 2016

Wow!  What an Amazing weekend!  Many Thanks to all who came to play and supported us!  What a Great Trial!  It was so nice that everyone saw what needed to be done and stepped in to help without hesitation, and many times without a callout for help!  You guys ROCK!  Once again we were excited and pleased to have brand new exhibitors to our trial, and brand new to Agility!  Thanks Rita and Kim and Family dog Club for providing us with a great place to trial.  Thanks much to our judge Ed Scharringhausen for always having a bounce in his step and a smile on his face!
Congrats to all the victories this weekend:
Keaton:  Oustanding Novice Hoopers
Zeus:  Rebelled in Weavers
Karma:  Open Superior Touch N Go
Clyde:  RAN! X2  (I actually believe he RAN in almost all of his runs!)
Piper:  Versatility NATCH 4
Cassie post injury – 3 Qs!
Nina: 1st Q in Regular, Hoopers, and Jumpers  (Great Debut!)
Lela Dax:  perfect day
Ty:  stayed in the ring!!!  (Great Debut! HUGELY surpassed moms expectations!)
Lily:  1st Jumpers Q
Jack:  Novice Superior Jumpers
Darby:  Novice Jumpers
Chelsea:  RAN thru Weavers
Lela Dax:  Elite Superior Versatility, Triple Superior Versatility
Snickers:  made it thru weavers
Nina:  1st Q in Weavers, 1st Title – Tunnelers  (Great Debut!)
David:  didn’t need a jump start!  (car) 
Darby:  Novice Tunnelers Title 6.46 YPS!
There were a few other debuts but sadly they forgot to write on the brag board.  Oh well, we will catch them next time!
Thank You Everyone!  We couldn’t do this without Your Support!  We look forward to seeing you again in February!

October 1-2, 2016

Thanks to all who came and supported us!  Once again we were excited and pleased to have brand new exhibitors to our trial!  Thanks Rita and Kim for providing us with a great place to trial.  Thanks much to our judge Mark Gwillim for leaving the cool north and joining us in the very humid south. 
Congrats to all the victories this weekend:
Jet:  1000 lifetime points
Dasher:  stayed in the ring and hit ALL Contacts!  :-)
Finn’s Debut earned a First Q!
Lily earned her First Title!
Go Glen & Zeus “Q’d”
Keaton:  Novice Hoopers, Outstanding Novice Jumpers
Obi:  Novice Regular Title
Jet:  Novice Hoopers
Leia:  Novice All Around
Luke:  First Title Novice Jumpers, Novice Hoopers Title
Zeus:  Open Jumpers Title
Chris & Piper:   NATCH 4
Leia:  Open Chances Title
Keaton:  Novice Chances
Truman:  Novice Chances, Novice Versatility
Clyde – RAN!   AND earned a Q in Chances!!!!
Casey:  Open Versatiltity   :-)
Darby:  Novice Regular Title
Juno did a Whole Course!!  :-)
Jet:  Superior Novice Tunnelers
Keaton:  Superior Novice Tunnelers
Finn:  hit every Contact AND held every Start Line!

April 15-17, 2016
Another Fabulous Agility Weekend at Tails Up!  The weather cooperated, mostly, okay, there was no snow and no rain!  Once again we were excited and pleased to have brand new exhibitors enter our trial!  Some of them even brought RVs!  Thanks Rita and Kim for providing us with such a great location to trial.  Thanks to our judges Karen Hough and Dwayne Bonker for keeping us on our toes and always having smiles on your faces.  Thanks Emily and everyone that donated to the potluck yappy lunch!  There was, as usual, too much food!  Thanks to our small, but mighty, group that worked together wonderfully and had an exceptionally great time.  Thanks to ALL the exhibitors that came and supported Tails Up!  We hope to see you again in the fall!
Congratulations to everyone on their Brags!
Megan Keister and Truman:  Truman’s FIRST outdoor Agility Q!  Open Weavers Title, Novice Tunnelers Title
Tom Fix and Breeze:  Breeze raced through all three sets of Weaves!
Karen Cummings and Leia:  Outstanding Novice Touch N Go, Superior Novice Tunnelers, Superior Novice Jumpers
Laura Pirone and Bailey:  FIRST Q EVER!!!!   :-)
Tom Fix and Razz:  Debut and FIRST EVER Q!
Stephanie Reitz and Fly:  Novice Extreme Hoopers, Outstanding Novice Regular,
Stephanie Reitz and Seamus:  Superior Open Extreme Hoopers
Brandi Bishop and Rental Sheltie Luke:  fun weekend with 8 Q’s!
Stephanie Reitz and Gus:  Open Extreme Hoopers, Oustanding Open Regular, Elite Tunnelers Title, Superior Novice Hoopers
Val Embrey and Carly:  Second Novice Chances
Glenn Coltrane and Zeus:  Open Tunnelers Title
Linda Alderson and Lela:  TWO Weavers legs
Melissa Reese and Sarah:  Open All Around
Nicole Tougas and Ginger:  Open Jumpers Title
Becki Umberger and Keaton:  Keaton EVERY contact in Touch N Go
Arlene Stadler and Jack:  Novice Tunnelers Q, Novice Regular Q
Emma Vlcek and Diego:  Novice Triple Superior
Sarah Fix and Jinks:  Elite All Around – FINALLY!!!!
Nicole Tougas and Fynn:  FIRST Q in Agility!
Sherry Walters and Lily:  FIRST Q EVER!  (Regular)
Nicole Davilli and Casey:  Open Hoopers Title
Nicole Davilli and Abbey:   NATCH!!!!!    FINALLY!!!!
Nicole Davilli and Abbey:   Open Superior Versatility, Open All Around
Chris Chapman and Piper:  NATCH 3 and Versatility NATCH 3

February 20-21, 2016

Thanks everyone for coming out and having fun with your pups.  We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather for February.  Judge Bernie Doyle brought some fun and challenging courses.  Congratulations to everyone on all their accomplishments:
Brianna & Casey’s First Q!
Chris & Chelsea first 30 point Bonus Attempt, earned 15 points!
Julia & Joy first 30 point Bonus Attempt, earned 15 points!
Cathy & Clayton Bonus Regular Run, earned 20 points!
David & Sadie L First Elite Hooper Q, 12 years old and First Place Elite Tunnelers
Andrew & Diego First Hooper Title and Andrew’s First title
Glen & Zeus Novice Hoopers Title
Sarah and Jinks NATCH 7
Diana and Chesnee NATCH 7
Brianna & Casey’s First Title
Brandy & Luke’s First Q
Nicole & Casey’s First Open Chances
Nicole & Abbey 230 Elite Regular Points (NO more Weaves for Abbey!)
Sarah and Jinks Versatility NATCH 4
Cathy and Clayton NATCH 8 and Versatility NATCH 8

October 30 - November 1, 2015

Another fabulous agility weekend!  Thanks Much to our judge Nick Sparks.  Thanks to all the exhibitors who came and played and had fun!  Also another Great Yappy Hour!

Congrats to everyone on their accomplishments little and big.  Here's what was on the Brag Board:
Jet Intro Outstanding Tunnelers
Angel Novice Superior Weavers
Luke had a Great Debut!
Andrew got his 1st Q with Diego
Bailey:  Elite Superior Versatility and Triple Superior Versatility
Clyde:  Q in TnG and We Ran Fast!  :-)    also Regular 2 Intro Q
Issy didn’t jump on the ring crew or the judge!  WOOOHOOO!!!
Keaton’s 1st Jumpers run ever and a Q!
Leia is Awesome!
Abbey did TWO sets of 12 Weave Poles!!!
Chelsea NATCH-24
Ginger Novice Jumpers Title
Snickers ran AND Q’d!   First Chances run!
Leia Novice Jumpers Title
Piper 5,000 Lifetime Points
Diego Novice Chances Title
Zeus Novice Jumpers Title
Chelsea Versatility NATCH-16
Leia Novice Weaver Title
Diego Open Jumpers Title
Chesnee & Emma had an Awesome Tunnelers Run
Chelsea 20,000
Lifetime Points
April 10-12, 2015
Thanks everyone for coming to our trial and supporting us.  The weather was very cooperative, unlike February!  Once again, we welcomed brand new people to our trial!  Thank You Dwayne Bonker for judging and we are sorry you had a flat tire on your drive here.  We had an awesome Yappy Hour as usual!  Thanks so much to all our exhibitors for coming and having fun and helping our trial run very smoothly!  Hope to see you ALL in the fall! 

Congratulations to the Special Achievements from our Brag Board:
Emily Vlcek and Obi: Novice Tunnelers, Obi can weave!
Anna Vlcek:  FIRST trial (junior handler)
Stephanie Reitz and Fly: Novice Tunnelers
Dani Orender and Issy: FIRST trial
Tim Spring and Zee:  Open Jumpers
Sherry Walters and Lily:  FIRST trial
Stephanie Reitz and Gus: Outstanding Novice Extreme Hoopers
Karen Cummings and Chewie: FIRST trial
Melissa Reese and Sarah: Triple Triple Superior
Laurie Davies and Cassie: 3 Qs on Friday
Laurie Davies and Maya: Tunnelers Q, Intro Regular Q
Tim Spring made Sam Lietz Blush!  (not an easy task!)
Cait & Jessica: Agility Debut!  AND First Q!
Glenn Coltrane and Zeus: Three Qs
Nicole Davilli and Casey:  Superior Novice Hoopers, Elite Touch N Go, Open Weavers
Karen Cummings and Vader:  good hoops
David Burnett and Sadie L:  Superior Novice Hoopers
Linda Anderson and Zia:  Perfect Day Saturday
Linda Anderson and Lela:  NO poopage in the back ring (we all thank you for this!)
Becky Umberger and Jet: FIRST Jumpers Course Ever
Rita Phoenix and Pork Chop:  had a REALLY clean run!   J
Tom Fix and Breeze:  Versatility NATCH 7
Cathie Cage and Cheyenne:  NATCH 3
Michelle Goduti and Calder:  Novice Regular, Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Tim Spring and Zee:  Zee ran Great after seeing wheels!
Stephanie Reitz and Gus:  First Perfect Day
Brandy Walters and Whisper:  First Perfect Weekend

February 21-22, 2015     CANCELLED

Thank you for entering the Tails Up Agility February 21-22, 2015 NADAC trial.   
Unfortunately, for the safety of our exhibitors, both four legged and two legged, we have decided to cancel the trial.  
Last night we received approximately six inches of snow in Chesapeake.  The ensuing freezing rain created an icy layer to form on top of the snow.  The conditions are treacherous.   
The Hampton Roads area has had subnormal cold temperatures for the past week and all weather forecasts are saying this week will be just as cold with below freezing temperatures until Saturday.  The ground is frozen.   As such, it is highly unlikely the snow and ice will melt off the trial field/rings by the weekend.  The forecast low for Thursday evening is 1 degree and Friday evening is forecast at 6 degrees.      
Although the trial premium does not require Tails Up to refund entry fees, in this case, we have decided that the club will absorb any sunk costs (judge's fees, non-refundable portions of judges travel).   TUAC is a not-for-profit club.   If you plan to enter the April trial and would like me to apply your entry fees to that event, please let me know by next Monday.  Otherwise I plan to shred all entry fees.  If you used worker coupons, I have a detailed record of them and will apply them to your trial.  
Thank you for entering this trial; we are all disappointed by the turn of the weather but safety is paramount.  We really hope to see you at the April trial!  

September 27-28, 2014

WooooHoooo!  THANK YOU!  Thank You everyone that came and supported the “new” trial for Tails Up Agility Club (TUAC)!  It was a HUGE success!  Our Exhibitors Rock!  Judge Bernie Doyle faced significant issues getting here, taking over 17 hours!  But she finally made it via a different airline, a different location, and a little help from our northern Virginia friend (Thanks Sam Lietz!).  Thanks Bernie for bringing some really fun courses!  The weather was very cooperative.  Once again, we welcomed brand new people to our trial!  And of course, we had an awesome Yappy Hour!  Thanks so much to all our exhibitors for coming and having fun and helping our trial run very smoothly!  You guys Rock! 

Congratulations to the Special Achievements from our Brag Board:
Kathy Wyatt and Bailey: Open Hoopers Title
Arlene Stadler and Jack: 1st Q EVER Novice Regular
Alice Barlow and Cooper: Outstanding Open Jumpers, Open Weavers Title
Nicole Davilli:  Abbey and Casey are back!
Nicole Davilli and Abbey:  Outstanding Open Hoopers, Open Tunnelers Title
Laurie Davies and Cassie : Novice Jumpers Title, Novice Tunnelers Q, Novice Regular 1 Q
Laurie Davies and Maya:  1st Q EVER Novice Jumpers
Michelle Goduti and Calder:  Calder did NOT potty in the ring and stayed focused (mostly J), Jumpers Q!
Patty Abel and Tater:  Open Tunnelers Title, Outstanding Open Jumpers
Glenn Coltrane and Zeus: 1st Q Novice Tunnelers
Tom Fix and Breeze:  10,000 points!
David Burnett and Sadie L:  1st Weavers Q
Chris Chapman and Piper:  Elite Chances Title
Brandy Walters and Angel:  Novice Outstanding Weavers, Novice Outstanding Hoopers
Diana Deadrick and Chesnee:  NATCH 4
Emma Vlcek and Diego:  ran “thru” all the tunnels AND did Chances!!!
Sarah Fix and Jinks:  NATCH 4
Also, several videos were submitted to NADAC for Bonus Run Review:
Sam Lietz and Schatzi Jumpers Saturday
Cathy Cage and Clayton Jumpers Saturday
Sam Lietz and Schatzi Regular 1 Saturday
Cathy Cage and Cheyenne Chances Sunday
Cathy Cage and Clayton Chances Sunday
Sam Lietz and Schatzi Jumpers Sunday
Cathy Cage and Clayton Jumpers Sunday
Scott Casino and Summer Jumpers Sunday
We hope to see everyone in a few weeks, at our next regularly scheduled trial, October 31-November 2.

April 11-13, 2014

Another amazing Tails Up trial!  We had a beautiful weekend for an outdoor trial.  Many Thanks to our Judge Dwayne Bonker!  Once again, we Welcomed brand new people to our trial!  Thanks to all our exhibitors who pitched in and helped make the weekend quite enjoyable. 

Yappy Hour Saturday evening was our biggest yet!  Of course, the weather played a large part in that! 

Congratulations to all these special achievements from our Brag Board:
Lee Anne McAdam & Jack:  First Elite Weavers Q, Novice All Around
Ashley Huffman & Lissie:  Open Touch N Go Title, First Elite Title – Tunnelers, Outstanding Open Regular, Superior Novice Hoopers
Melissa Dimeler & Bonnet:  Novice Hoopers Title and fastest run ever – 4.16 yps!!!!
Melissa Reese & Sarah:  Superior Open Touch N Go, Novice All Around
Julia Foust & Joy:  Novice Superior Hoopers, Novice All Around, Relaxed and Happy Start Lines!!!!
Sam Lietz & Schatzi:  Versatility NATCH 11
Karen Cummings & Vader:  Open Tunnelers Title, 5/6 Qs, First Regular Open – set of 12 weaves conquered!
Becky Parker & Sampsyn:  Superior Novice Tunnelers
Linda Anderson & Lela Dax:  First time both Regular runs Qs, Best day ever 4/5 Qs
Nicole Davilli & Abbey: Superior Elite Tunnelers
Nicole Davilli & Casey: Novice Chances Title, Novice Versatility,
Cathy Wyatt & Bailey:  Elite Weavers Title
Diana Deadrick & Chesnee:  NATCH 3
Tim Spring & Zee:  Superior Novice Jumpers
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Open Extreme Hoopers
Sarah Fix & Jinks:  Versatility NATCH
Karen Hough & Blink:  Superior Novice Chances, Novice Triple Superior
David Burnett & Sadie L:  First Elite run – Tunnelers Q
Stephanie Reitz & Gus: Novice Regular Title – he remembered how to weave this weekend!
Mary Callaway & Bacchus:  Novice Versatility, Novice Triple Superior, Novice Superior Title
Chris Chapman & Piper:  Novice Weavers Title, Novice Versatility, Superior Open Touch N Go
Sarah Fix & Fire:  15 point Bonus Chances Run!!!
Thank you everyone that came out and played!  We hope to see you again in November!

February 22-23, 2014

Wow!  What an amazing trial!  Mother Nature was much nicer to us this year than she was last.  Although we did have severe thunder storms and a tornado warning on Friday, it dried up nicely and the sun shone all weekend!  It was great to get back out on the agility field after all the cold, snowy weather we have had.  Except for some distant gun shots, and something that sounded like a canon, the dogs ran happy all weekend.

We are sorry that judge Pam Smith was unable to join us but Thankful that Sarah Fix and Jean Wilkins were here and gladly filled in judging.  Thanks also to Scott Casino for assisting on Sunday. 

Thanks to all our exhibitors who pitched in and helped keep the trial flowing smoothly, barely noticing that the judges had swapped once again.  We have the best group of people around!  Thank You!

Yappy Hour Saturday evening was a huge success with everyone sharing stories and enjoying some great food while the pups ran and played in the enclosed play area.

Here are some Special Achievements from the weekend:
Andrea Lengi & Pye: NATCH
Lee Anne McAdam & Jack:  Outstanding Open Touch N Go, First Elite Chances Q
Brandy Walters & Angel: Outstanding Novice Touch N Go, Outstanding Novice Regular, Novice Chances title, Outstanding Novice Jumpers, Best weekend ever with 9/12 Qs!
Karen Cummings & Vader: Vader stayed with her through gun fire!  First Open Q!  5/6Qs Sunday after 0/6Qs Saturday.
Nicole Davilli & Casey: Elite Jumpers Title, Superior Novice Regular, Superior Novice Tunnelers
David Burnett & Sadie L: Novice Hoopers Title, Best Day Ever 5/6 Qs, 3-1st, 1-2nd, 1-4th.  Outstanding Novice Regular
Lee Anne McAdam & Squeaker: Superior Novice Chances, Novice Triple Superior
Cathy Wyatt & Rosie: Outstanding Elite Hoopers
Linda Anderson & Lela Dax: Novice Chances Title
Jean Conroy & Sandy: Novice Regular Title, Novice Jumpers Title
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Outstanding Open Chances
Linda Anderson & Jadzia Dax: NATCH 8
Stephanie Reitz & Gus:  Novice Jumpers Title
Lisa Godfrey & Sadie B:  Open Regular Title
Chris Chapman & Piper: Piper Weaved!!!
Tom Fix & Breeze: Perfect weekend of 12/12 Qs!
Julia Foust & Emmy: Emmy stayed in the van and never made a sound!
Karen Cummings & Chewie: Chewie made new friends!
Sarah Fix & Fire: V-NATCH 8
Jackie Harris & Patch: Really enjoyed our First NADAC experience!  Thanks!
Thank you everyone that came out and played!  We hope to see you again in April.

November 1-3, 2013

Another amazing Agility weekend!  Thanks to our wonderful judge Karin Bell and to everyone who came and played and helped out! 

Congrats to everyone with their amazing accomplishments!
Bonnie Boger and Trevor:  Fist Q Ever in Weavers!  Followed by a Second Q with 1st Place!  First Q in Regular with a 1st Place.  J
Karen Cummings and Vader: Novice Touch N Go Title and was faster than a BC!  Novice Jumpers Title, Novice Tunnelers Title
Stephanie Reitz and Guz: Novice Tunnelers Title – First Ever Title!
Brandy Walters and Angel:  Novice Weavers Title
Nicolle Davilli and Casey: Outstanding Novice Weavers, Open Jumpers Title
Cathy Wyatt and Bailey:  Superior Novice Tunnelers, Superior Novice Versatility, Outstanding Novice Hoopers.
Andrew Vleck and Katie:  First Trial EVER as a junior handler!
Emma Vleck and Katie:  Novice Jumpers Title
Laurie Davies and Cassie:  Second Q Ever, in Jumpers
Mariah Mordecai and Butler:  DEBUT with First Q in Jumpers!
Joyce Tohlke and Tanner:  Novice Jumpers Title
Leeanne McAdam and Squeaker:  Novice Touch N Go Title, Novice Weavers Title, Novice Versatility
Karla and Sadie Lou:  got BOTH Chances!
Linda Anderson and Lela Dax:  Superior Novice Jumpers
Sarah Fix and Fire:  Perfect day on Saturday – no Q’s, several entries in the “No Winers” Raffle.
Linda Anderson and Zia:  Perfect day on Saturday – no Q’s, several entries in the “No Winers” Raffle.
Tom Fix and Breeze:  NATCH 8
Cathie Cage and Cheyenne:  20pt Bonus Run Tunnelers!
Cathie Cage and Clayton:  20pt Bonus Run Tunnelers!
April 12-14, 2013

Wow - another amazing NADAC Tails Up Agility Club Trial in Chesapeake, VA! Mother Nature decided to be our friend this weekend and did not test the recently renovated trial site driveway. It held up great for all the cars and the RVs. Huge Thanks to our Judges Erin Wajda and Dwayne Bonker, who brought some great courses that challenged our awesome teams and made us think a little. It was really great to see so many new NADAC exhibitors! We broke them in right and taught them how to be volunteers rather quickly.   :-)   Another successful Yappy Hour with puppy play time, finishing up with a nice bon-fire. Thanks everyone for coming and playing with us. Hope to see all of you in November!

Special Congratulations to:
Sarah Fix and Fire: Versatility NATCH #7
Sarah Fix and Jinks: NATCH #1
Tom Fix and Breeze: NATCH#6
Julia Foust and Joy: Novice Superior Versatility
Christine Donovan and
Lucia: Elite Weavers Title, Elite Hoopers Title
LeeAnn McAdam and Jack: Novice Weavers Superior
LeeAnn McAdam and Squeaker: Novice Tunnelers Superior
Karen Schutz and Lucy: Novice Touch N Go Title
Missy Gordon and Libby: Novice Touch N Go Title
Emma Vlcek and Diego: didn’t pee in the tunnel in Jumpers! {YAY!!!}
Stephanie Reitz and Seamus: Elite Jumpers Title
Karen Schutz and Lucy: Novice Jumpers Outstanding
John Virden and Lexi: Open Touch N Go Superior, Open Weavers Superior
Laurie Davies and Cassie: First Q Ever at First Trial Ever!
Nicolle Davilli and Casey: Novice Jumpers Outstanding, Novice Touch N Go Title, Novice Tunnelers Title
Emma Vlcek and Diego: Novice Jumpers Title
Alice Harwell and Cooper: Novice Versatility, Novice Chances Title, Novice Hoopers Superior, Open Regular Title
Christine Donovan and Grady: First Elite Q – Tunnelers

February 23-24, 2013

Wow!  What an Amazing Weekend!  Mother Nature was not our friend but the agility fields held up wonderfully, although I am sad to say the trial site driveway did not.  Thanks to our judge, Sunny Williams, who brought some fun and challenging courses that were also nicely suited for the weather we had!  Thank You Sunny also for the Great Seminar on Friday.  It's really nice to have a different view and so many "options!"  It was great to see everyone after a winter break and especially good to meet some brand new NADAC Exhibitors!  Thanks to all the volunteers that kept the trial rolling along smoothly, especially after a 3.5 hour rain delay Saturday morning.  It is so nice to have lighted rings!  Yappy Hour was awesome as usual - no matter what time it starts!

Some noteworthy accomplishments:
Linda Anderson and
Zia: Platinum Speed Star
Cathie Cage and Clayon: 20 Point Bonus Regular
Debi Hutchinson and Gabe: Versatility NATCH
Sarah Fix and Jinks: Open All Around
Karen Hough and Blink: Novice Regular Superior
Alice Harwell and Cooper: Novice Touch 'N Go Superior, Novice Weavers Superior
Stephanie Reitz and Seamus: Open Chances Title, Seamus had a start line in EVERY Class Saturday!
Brandy Walters and Angel went 4/4 on Saturday for a Perfect Day!
Nicole Davilli and Casey: Novice Regular Title - FIRST Title (baby dog), Novice Jumpers Title
Christine Chapman and Piper: Novice Jumpers Title
Rita's Pups:  4 for 4 "wink"
Cathie Cage and Cheyenne: Open Regular Superior
Emma Vlcek and Diego: Diegos First Q Ever - Jumpers
Tom Fix and Breeze had a Perfect Weekend!

Thank You Everyone for coming and playing Agility with us.  We hope to see you at our April trial!

November 02-04, 2012

Congrats to the following on their Great Achievements!
Seamus & Stephanie Reitz: Open Hoopers, Outstanding Novice Extreme Hoopers, Outstanding Novice Touch N Go, First Elite Jumpers Q, Novice Superior Regular, Novice Triple Superior
Cooper & Alice Harwell: Outstanding Novice Hoopers
Cooper & Nicole Davilli: First Chances Q
Bailey & Cathy Wyatt: Outstanding Novice Touch N Go
Jack & LeeAnn McAdam: Outstanding Novice Chances, Outstanding Novice Weavers
Blink & Karen Hough: Novice Chances
Abbey & Nicole Davilli: Open Versatility, Outstanding Elite Tunnelers, Superior Open Regular
Chesnee & Diana Deadrick-Casino: Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Chances
Tanner & Joyce Toehlke: Novice Tunnelers
Lexi & John Virden: First Elite Jumpers Q
Gus & Stephanie Reitz: First "Almost" Q - first perfect run Novice Jumpers
Fire & Sarah Fix: Versatility NATCH 6
Cash & Debbie Baracco: Open Triple Superior, Open Triple Versatility
Katie & Emma Vlcek: Katies First Q Ever - Tunnelers
April 13-15, 2012

Thanks everyone for playing at our April 2012 trial! It was a beautiful weekend and it was awesome to see plenty of old friends and have the chance to make some new ones. Congratulations to everyone for all your moments of brilliance, triumphs and successes, big and small! We hope everyone had a great time with plenty of fun runs, laughs with friends, and great food!

Special thanks to everyone who chipped in to volunteer at the trial; than you sooo much, you make our trials run so smoothly! The trial ran so well that we sped through Saturdays 250 runs and were done by 2:30pm for our BEST YAPPY HOUR cookout EVER!!!!! So much fun and a great group of dogs and their people to hang around and share food with!

Big thanks to the Best Judge in NADAC (at least this weekend!) Chris Nelson for bringing some really cool courses to run and plenty of encouragement and enthusiasm. He reports that his judging gift fits although its a little itchy.

Special award congratulations to: Paula Goss & Trae for Versatility NATCH-5, Sam Lietz & Schatzi for Versatility NATCH-3, Nicole Bailey & Jinn for Novice Triple Superior. Congrats to everyone for your great runs, titles, and awards!!! See you this Fall!

February 25-26, 2012

What a great way to start 2012!! Our first trial of 2012 was a blast with plenty of fun courses, great runs, smiling faces, happy dogs, and good food! Although a bit windy on Saturday, it was a beautiful weekend to be outside playing agility with temps in the 50s and lots of sun. Our judge Ron Young (the best judge in NADAC--at least this weekend LOL) brought some neat courses to play on and was his usual awesome self. On Saturday, we celebrated several February birthdays with big yummy birthday cake and enjoyed the always fun Yappy Hour cookout when the runs were over that day.

Thank you all for coming to our trial and supporting our club, especially those who volunteer to help out so that everyone gets to run their dog. Additional thanks to our judge Ron Young, course builder Tom Maloney-Harmon, volunteer coordinator John Virden, omni-present worker bees Joyce Toelhke & Alice Harwell, and our brand-new member & course number extraordinaire-to-be Emma Vlcek!

Once again, congratulations to everyone for all your triumphs and moments of brilliance. Some noteworthy achievements earned at the trial and shared on our brag board:
Schatzi & Sam Lietz: NATCH-4 & Elite All-Around awards
Romance & Scott Whittington: Novice All-Around title
Abbey & Nicole Davilli: Novice All-Around award, Outstanding Open Tunnelers title, Open Weavers title, and Outstanding Open Regular title
Joy & Julia Foust: Outstanding Novice Chances & Novice Hoopers titles, Novice Weavers title, Novice Versatility Award
Hollee & Natalee Yates: Superior Novice Jumpers title
Whisper & Brandy Walters: Elite Hoopers title
Cooper & Alice Harwell: Novice Jumpers and Novice Hoopers titles
Lexi & John Virden: Superior Novice Hoopers title
Delta & Kate Hutchison: NATCH-2
Billy Bob & Emma Vlcek: Emma's 1st Q ever!

Finally, we would also like to make two special acknowledgements. First, our condolences to member Sherry & Brandy Walters for the loss of their beloved 16-yr old dog Roy Boy on the Friday before the trial. He was a wonderful companion to Sherry & Brandy, Brandy's first agility dog, a great teacher for her about the sport of agility, and earned numerous titles in NADAC, UKC & USDAA agility. He will be missed. Second, we are proud to announce several debuts this weekend: Tanner & Joyce Toehlke, Katie & Emma Vlcek, and Squeaker & Lee Anne MacAdam. Congratulations to each of those teams for wonderful starts to their agility careers!

Hope to see you at our April 13-15 trial!
November 2011

Thanks everyone for coming to our last trial of 2011! Good to see so many happy faces again. Special thanks to our judge Dwayne Bonker for fun courses and keeping things relaxed and fun. We loved playing EGC on Friday and look forward to hosting more EGC trials at our future trials! Congrats to everyone on all your great runs and to the following for some special accomplishments:

Nicole Bailey & Luxx - Elite All-Around Award
Sam Lietz & Schatzi - Elite Superior Versatility & Triple Superior Versatility Awards, NATCH3
Chris Chapman & Chelsea – V-MEDAL3
Charles Burdick & Bubba – V-NATCH2
Sarah Fix & Jinks – Open Chances, Open Hoopers, Open Weavers titles & Open Versatility Award
Joan Oldmixon & Maggie– Novice Superior Versatility & Novice All-Around Awards
Nicole Bailey & Jinn- Novice Chances title, best agility weekend EVER (7 out of 11!)
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus– 1st Open jumpers Q!, Novice Chances title, Novice Versatility Award
Alice Harwell & Cooper - 1st Regular, Hoopers, TNG, Jumpers, & Tunnelers Qs
John Virden & Lexi – Open Regular Title
Nicole Davilii & Abbey – Open TNG title, Novice Weavers Superior title, 1000 Lifetime Points
Kali Koulmentas & Kali – Elite Tunnelers title
Pam Schiffleger & Lola – 1st ever Novice Jumpers
Diana Deadrick & Chesnee – Open Jumpers, Novice Superior Jumpers titles
Judy Windham & Jazzy – Novice Outstanding Regular title
Nicole Bailey – first time Pomeranian handler (and she can’t wait to get her own agility Pom)
Cathie Cage & Cheyenne– 1st Q ever!
Sam & SchatziCathie & CheyenneCharles & BubbaJoan & MaggieNicole & Jinn
Sarah & JinksChris & ChelseaStephanie & Seamus
April 2011

One more awesome trial in the books! Thanks and congrats to everyone who came to our April 15-17, 2011 NADAC trial! Saturday’s extremely fierce winds led to switching Saturday’s TNG with Sunday’s Tunnelers but every exhibitor happily embraced the change and went with the flow in true NADAC spirit! The weather also prompted moving Saturday’s Yappy Hour cookout to the trial secretary’s home where we celebrated the day while nervously watching news reports of tornados an hour north and south of us. Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day and much fun was had by all! Everyone looked like they were having a ton of fun and there were lots of wonderful accomplishments to celebrate!!

But first, let’s get to the Thank Yous:
Susan Perry for being a fabulous judge and keeping the trial running, bringing such fun courses, and being so positive
• All the volunteer workers who helped the trial go smoothly! Thanks everyone, we couldn’t do it without you!
• Toms-squared: Tom Maloney-Harmon and Tom Fix for all their course building work, and everyone else who chipped in and helped get those courses ready to run quickly!
Debi Hutchinson for conducting an awesome Extreme Games seminar on Friday—we are looking forward to trying these fun games this fall at our November trial!

Congratulations for the following awards to:
Tom Fix & Breeze: NATCH
Linda Anderson & Zia: NATCH2
Deb Baracco & Jet: NATCH3
Nicole Bailey & Luxx: V-NATCH4
Tom Maloney-Harmon & Piper: NATCH10 & V-NATCH10
Cathie Cage & Casey: NATCH22
Cathy Wyatt & Tobie: 1000 Lifetime Points
Jayne Secor & Mira: Novice Versatility
John Virden & Zoe: Novice Versatility
Kari Koulmentas & Darwin: Novice Versatility
Sarah Fix & Jinks: Novice Versatility
Scott Casino & Cali: Novice Versatility
Tom Fix & Breeze, judge Susan Perry, Sarah Fix & Jinks
Jayne Secor & Mira, judge Susan Perry, Deb Baracco & Jet, Cathie Cage & Casey, Nicole Bailey & Luxx, Tom Maloney-Harmon & Piper, Linda Anderson & Zia

Wow! Soooo cool to see so many awesome Elite teams in action but also to see many Novice teams earn the first of many awards to come! We’re not sure if six NATCHes earned at one trial is a record or not but we’ve never given away that many in a single trial before!!

Other Accomplishments
Cathy Wyatt & Rosie: Elite Tunnelers & Open Hoopers titles
Christine Donovan & Grady: Outstanding Novice Hoopers
Christine Donovan & Lucia: Elite Jumpers title, Outstanding Open Hoopers, Superior Open TnG
Deb Baracco & Cash: debut and first Q ever in Jumpers!!
Diana Deadrick & Chesnee: Outstanding Novice Jumpers & Tunnelers (WOO HOO, great job hon!!)
Jayne Secor & Mira: Outstanding Novice Weavers title
Lauren Vaughn & Dazzle: Novice Superior Tunnelers title
Linda Anderson & Zia: first ever successful bonus line (in Elite Jumpers)
Lisa Godfrey & Lacey: Open Regular & Chances titles
Mariah Mordecai & Aspen: 1st Elite Weavers Q in a while and first ever perfect day (5/5)
Sarah Fix & Jinks: Outstanding Novice Weavers, Tunnelers & Jumpers
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: 1st Weavers Q ever in his least favorite class, Novice TnG title

We also want to congratulate our April birthday friends Chris Chapman and John Virden! At the same time, we also celebrated the long awaited release of Chris’ WINNING Wino Agility DVD (ROFL!!). See the DVD box liner here.

Finally, we love to hear when new-to-NADAC exhibitors tell us much fun they had and how amazed they are at the skills of NADAC teams compared to what they see in other venues, and, most importantly, how they are looking forward to coming to one of our future NADAC trials. There probably isn’t a better compliment to be earned and we are just so happy that we have NADAC to play in—huge THANKS to all of you for making our trials such a success and for showing how great NADAC is!!
February 2011

What a blast!! LOTS of fun at our February 2011 trial! It turned into a beautiful weekend to play agility, starting off with low 40s Saturday morning but moving in the mid50s. Sunday was an almost too warm 70+.

We started off the weekend on Friday with a fantastic seminar with Paula Goss who brought her keen eye, engaging humor, and wonderfully positive instruction and guidance. Thank you Paula—we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to benefit from your wisdom and insights (and our dogs thank you too!).

Pam Smith was a super fun judge who has the knack of finding brilliance in each and every run. Thank you so much Pam for doing such an awesome job, for being so supportive, cheering for each and every competitor, and for bringing us such fun courses to run! Speaking of courses, thank you Tom Maloney-Harmon and Tom Fix for course building all weekend.

Other special thanks go to: Chris Chapman & Joan Oldmixon for setting up and coordinating trial hospitality as well as our raffles, Rita Phoenix for having us at her wonderful trial site, Don Chapman for being grill master at Yappy Hour, and Sherry Walters for doing such a nice and efficient job at the score table. And of course, special thanks to all our volunteers who pitched in to help the trial run smoothly.

Once again, Saturday Yappy Hour was awesome and great fun was had by all!!! Grilled chicken and shrimp, chicken wings, pasta salads, baked beans, Smith Island cake, and more made a great apri-agility feast! We broke out the fire pit to help fight off the chilly wind and to sing happy birthday to our February birthday friends: Lisa Bonker, Lisa Godfrey, Debi Hutchinson, & Reggie Snell. Happy birthday guys and we hope you enjoyed the cake!!!

Congratulations to everyone for all for runs and moments of greatness (and the not-so-great ones too)! Special brags:
Brandy Walters & Angel: Novice Jumpers & Novice Hoopers titles
Brandy Walters & Whisper: Elite Tunnelers & Open Hoopers titles
Cathie Wyatt & Tobie: Elite Hoopers title
Chris Chapman & Chelsea: Outstanding Elite Weavers title
Joan Oldmixon & Maggie: Outstanding Novice Hoopers title
John Virden & Zoe: first Open Jumpers Q
Judy Windham & Jazzy: Outstanding Novice Regular title
Julia Foust & Joy: first title (Novice Jumpers)
Kali Koulmentas & Darwin: Novice Chances
Karen Merriman & Sammi: Novice Regular title
Kari Koulmentas & Kali: first Elite title (Regular), Elite Jumpers Q
Kathy Stuewe & Molly: Elite Tunnelers title
Lauren Vaughn & Dazzle: first Novice Chances Q
Linda Anderson & Ezri: Outstanding Open Touch-n-Go
Lisa Godfrey & Sadie B: first Novice Chances Q
Mariah Mordecai & Aspen: EAC, HP-O
Natalee Yates & Hollee: Outstanding Novice Hoopers title
Natalee Yates & Pennee: Open Hoopers title
Nicole Davilli & Abby: Novice Hoopers, Novice Touch-n-Go title
Sam Lietz & Shatzi: first Elite Hoopers Q
Sarah Fix & Fire: NATCH5
Sarah Fix & Jinks: first title (Novice Chances)
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Novice Jumpers title
Susan Blue & Zorro: first title (Novice Jumpers)

And finally my personal favorite: Diana Deadrick & Chesnee, a perfect 3 for 3 weekend and earning their first ever title in Jumpers!!! Luv ya hon!!!
 See the video of their run by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/user/chesapeakek9?feature=mhum#p/a/u/1/H7MAc9oIDMY 

Photos are uploaded and ready to view at http://www.facebook.com/l/34f27/cander9267.zenfolio.com use coupon code NADAC11 on any Nadac album and receive a 20% discount, coupon good through March 31st

Sarah Fix & Fire: NATCH5 (WOOO HOOO!!!!)

November 2010

Thanks everyone who came to our Fall trial! What a fantastic weekend! Some of the highlights: smiling and happy competitors everywhere (both two and four legged), awesome judge Karin Bell, plenty of fun and challenging courses, AWESOME Yappy Hour cookout on Saturday night, birthday cake for November birthdays, and a special appearance by the rock band KISS to deliver some birthday cheer!!

The weekend started with a wonderful handling seminar conducted by Debi Hutchinson. All participants had a blast, learned some great new stuff, laughed and had a super time. Thank you Debi for sharing your knowledge, experience, wit, and enthusiasm. We definitely will bring Debi back for more great insights!

Karin Bell was a fantastic judge. So many competitors commented on how positive and pleasant Karin was and how she helped them enjoy the trial. Thanks Karin for the fun courses and we look forward to seeing you again sometime!

Happy Birthday to trial competitors Brandy Walters, Cathie Cage, Kari Koulmentas, and Nicole Bailey! We celebrated their November birthdays on Saturday with a cool cake. In addition, KISS made a special appearance to personally wish Nicole a very special birthday!! LOL

Thanks also to everyone who helped make the trial go by working in the ring, lending a hand when needed, or contributing yummy food to Yappy Hour. Special thanks to chief course builder Tom Moloney-Harmon, Chris Chapman & Diana Deadrick for coordinating Trial Hospitality, Rita Phoenix for letting us host trials at her wonderful site, Debi Hutchinson for driving the judge to/from the hotel each night, and to Nicole Davilli for all the work she did in her first ever trial.

Yappy Hour cookout was again a huge success on Saturday evening. Thanks to Don Chapman for coming down and grilling food and to Sam Lietz for bringing the fire pit. A great way to end a trial day with good food, drinks, and lots of laughs!

Don’t forget to check out the great trial pics from Linda Anderson (http://cander9267.zenfolio.com) and Mark Vandenwauver (http://markvandenwauverphoto.smugmug.com/Animals) !

Lastly, here’s a list of cool stuff that people did and put on the Brag Board:

Nicole Bailey & Luxx: Versatility NATCH3, 2 Elite Weavers Qs in one weekend (woot!!)
Chris Chapman & Chelsea: Elite Versatility Award, 2500 Lifetime Points Award, Elite Outstanding Touch-n-Go title, Elite Weavers and miraculous & totally unbelievable Q in Elite Chances
Patty Kimball & Kori: Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Versatility, Open All-Around, 2500 Lifetime Points Awards, Open Superior Chances & Elite Hoopers titles
Anna Macanga & Josey: Novice Versatility Award
Wes Mollard & Tadgh: Novice Versatility Award, Open Weavers & Novice Tunnelers titles
Brandy Walters & Angel: Open Regular & Novice Hoopers titles
Brandy Walters & Whisper: Open Jumpers, Ellite Tunnelers & Elite Weavers titles
Cathy Wyatt & Rosie: Open Regular title (and Rosie ignored the cat and got a Q)
Cathy Wyatt & Tobie: Elite Regular & Elite Jumpers titles
Clayton & Cathie Cage: 20pt Elite Tunnelers Q with an 8.06 YPS!! (Damn freak dog!!)
Janet Crist & Harmony: 1st Q ever
Jayne Secor & Mira: 1st Regular Q and 1st title ever in Novice Tunnelers
Kari Koulmentas & Darwin: Novice Tunnelers title
Lauren Vaughn & Dazzle: Dazzle’s fist title – Novice Hoopers
Linda Anderson & Ezri: Open Superior Tunnelers & Open Outstanding Weavers titles
Mariah Mordecai & Aspen: 1st Elite Chances Q
Sam Lietz & Schatzi: Elite Weavers title
Sarah Fix & Fire: 15pt Elite Jumpers Q
Sarah Fix & Jinks: debut and 1st Q ever
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Novice Outstanding Hoopers & Novice Outstanding Tunnelers titles

Nicole Bailey & Luxx receive their Versatility NATCH3 from Judge Karin Bell and the hottest band in the land: KISS!

Chris Chapman & Chelsea: Elite Versatility Award

Patty Kimball & Kori earned their Open Triple Superior, Superior Versatility, & All-Around Awards with a beautiful Chances run

Anna Macanga & Josey earned their Novice Versatility Award

Wes Mollard & Tadgh (pronounced "Teeg") receive their Novice Versatility Award

Congratulations and well done everyone!!

April 2010

Thanks everyone who came to play at our April 2010 NADAC trial. We had a blast with (mostly) awesome weather, some really cool courses to run, great judge, and an awesome after-trial Yappy Hour and picnic (officiated by Joslyn the SchutzenPom!). It was great to see so many friends again and we were happy to have a few new ones! Special thanks to all our workers for their efforts and to our fantastic judge Dwyane Bonker!

Don't forget to visit the web sites of our show photographers Linda Anderson (
http://cander9267.zenfoli.com) and Mark Vandenwauver (http://web.me.com/vandenwauver/Mark_Vandenwauver_Photography/Pets/Pets.html).

Congratulations everyone for all their achievements! Here are some special brags from the bragboard:

Julia Foust & Joy: 1st Q 1st place Ever Tunnelers
Chris Chapman & Maggie: Novice Outstanding Chances and Touch-n-Go, Novice Superior Hoopers, Open Jumpers
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Novice Hoopers and Tunnelers
Chris Chapman & Chelsea: Open Outstanding Hoopers
Christine Donovan & Grady: Novice Hoopers and first Chances Q
Bonnie Boger & Hogan: Novice Regular and Hoopers
Natalee Yates& Hollee: Novice Hoopers
John Virden & Zoe: Novice Weavers and Hoopers
Katie Yeager & Cosmo: O-NAC, O-NJC, O-TG-N
Pam Schiffleger & Zephyr: Elite Outstanding Jumpers, Open Superior TnG
Lisa Godfrey & Sadie B.: 1st Weavers Q ever!
Reggie Snell & Aries: Novice Jumpers
Sam Lietz & Schatzi: Open Jumpers
Anita Ramsey & Wind: Elite Touch-n-Go
Natalee Yates & Pennee: Elite Jumpers
Mariah Mordecai & Aspen: Open Chances, EAC, O-EJC
Christine Donovan & Lucia: Novice Superior Chances, Novice Superior Versatility, Novice All-Around
Kari Koulmentas & Kali: Open TnG, Open Chances
Kari Koulmentas & Darwin: Novice TnG
Rene Beagle & Rebel: 1st trial, 1st Tunnelers Q
Judy Windham & Jazzy: Novice Jumpers title (and won the NQ Raffle!)
Eric Secor & Dudley: Elite Chances title after 1 year!!!
Lisa Godfrey & Lacey: Novice All-Around
Scott Casino & Joslyn the SchutzenPom: debut run and Q in Hoopers; 5/6 Qs for the weekend


Christine Donovan & Lucia: Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All-Around


Lisa Godfrey & Lacey: Novice All-Around


February 2010

Thanks everyone for entering the trial! It was great seeing many familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. We think this was one of our best trials and judging by all the smiles on those faces, many of you did too! We also want to thank our awesome judge Ron Young for all of his hard work that helped make this trial so great! Thanks Ron and we hope to have you back again soon!

We especially want to thank all our fantastic volunteer workers. Without you, the trial could not have been the success that it was! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And remember to use your Trial Bucks to discount your entries to our future trials.

Once again, visit Linda Anderson's on-line photo gallery for trial pics: http://cander9267.zenfolio.com/ You can purchase a variety of items with your dog's photo on them; use coupon code NADAC2010 for a discount. Thanks Linda!

Congratulations to the following teams for their accomplishments:

Casey & Cathie Cage: V-NATCH #13!!!
Zephyr & Pam Schiffleger: Superior Novice Chances title, Novice Triple Superior, Novice All Around, Novice Superior Versatility
Zia & Linda Anderson: Outstanding Open Weavers, Novice All-Around Award
Pennee & Natalee Yates: Elite Tunnelers
Aspen & Mariah Moredecai: Open Weavers
Kail & Kari Koulmentas: Open Regular title
Chelsea & Chris Chapman: Superior Open Jumpers, Outstanding Open Regular, Open Hoopers, Open Touch-n-Go
Indi & Frank Liberto: Open Tunnelers & Open Jumpers titles
Schatzi & Sam Lietz: First Qs in Open Weavers, Hoopers & Chances
Patti & Frank Liberto: Novice Jumpers title
Darwin & Kari Koulmentas: Novice Jumpers and Novice Regular titles
Aries & Reggie Snell: NAC
Seamus & Stephanie Reitz: 2nd ever trial; Q and 1st in Regular, Q & 1st in Touch-n-Go, Q and 2nd in Hoopers
Jazzy & Judy Wyndham: First Q in Novice Regular, first title in Novice Regular
Sadie B & Lisa Godfrey: 1st Q Jumpers
Spencer & Sue Diveley: 1st Q ever! Novice Tunnelers
Holly & Katie Yeager: 1st trial and 1st Q (Tunnelers)
Rosie & Cathy Wyatt: 1st trial and 1st Q!
Sam & Bill Goldston: 1st trial and 1st Q!!
Emily Lu has a new man (Scott Whittington)!!
Cali & Scott Casino: 4 Es in Novice Regular WOOHOO! (Contacts? What contacts?)

Pam & Zephyr
October 2009

Tails Up Agility would like to thank everyone who came to our October 2009 NADAC trial. We had a great time and hope that you did too. BIG THANKS to those who volunteered to help keep the trial running as quickly as possible; we needed every last one of you! We also want to thank our judge Dee Falk for some fun courses and being cheerful and upbeat in spite of the uncooperative weather. Special thanks also to Bob Parsons for scribing and timing almost every class in the trial even though he was suffering from a cold, Sherry Walters & John Bishop the scoring team who entered all the scores into the computer and even printed out score labels this trial, and Deborah Lankford for stewarding all our great volunteers and making sure everyone got their drawings from the worker lottery.

Don't forget to visit Linda Anderson's on-line photo gallery of pictures from the trial: 
http://cander9267.zenfolio.com/ You can purchase a variety of items with your dog's photo on them. Thank you Linda for dealing with the cold and rain.

Congratulations to the following teams for their accomplishments:
Billy Bob & Beka Long – Q and 1st place in Novice Jumpers
Maggie & Chris Chapman – 1st ever Chances Q & Outstanding Novice Hoopers title
Tobie & Catherine Wyatt – Novice Jumpers & Novice Weavers titles; 1st Open Q
Seamus & Stephanie Reitz – 1st Q ever, earned in Tunnelers & 2nd place
Angel & Brandy Walters – 1st ever title & she finished a course with her tail up!
Cosmo & Katie Yeager – Outstanding Novice Tunnelers title
Harley & Patty Cooper – Novice Regular Q in 1st place!
Hogan & Bonnie Boger – Earned a Q after 2 knee surgeries
Cali & Scott Casino – 1st ever Weavers Q (Cali has always believed that Weavers is a waste of a good Tunnelers course!)

Special Awards Earned at the Trial

Pennee & Natalee Yates – Novice Versatility Award; Elite Touch-n-Go title

Kesha & Christy McFarland – Novice Versatility Award; Elite Regular title

Kali & Kari Koulmentas – Novice Versatility Award; Novice Weavers & Jumpers, Open Tunnelers titles

Summer & Scott Casino
– Novice Superior Versatility Award

Well done everyone and WTG! Congratulations to everyone for all their triumphs big or small.